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It has been estimated that almost 6 million Americans (WebMD) are affected by Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition with classic symptoms of widespread muscle and joint pain, fatigue.  It also affects memory and mood.  There is no cure for this illness at this time.

Chronic Pain has been pushed aside form the eyes of the public leaving those it victimizes to suffer in silence. Addressing this ailment needs to be brought to larger platforms. Fibroandchronicpainhelp is here to help spearhead this issue to the forefront of the minds of the general public.   

That being being said we wrote a book to help address this issue. From  

the unique prospective of the mostly unsung hero The Caregiver.... In The Shadow of a Monster gives you a RAW, UNCUT and POWERFUL look at the devastation Fibromyalgia causes; not only the afflicted but their families as well. Our goal in writing this book is to open eyes, start conversations and hopefully for some provide a foundation to begin healing.           


          I had everything that I ever wanted. I had a beautiful wife, the house in the suburbs with the white picket fence, the great kids and a successful business.   Then came the accident. A multi-car rear end collision my wife could easily have not survived. In its wake, came the life-changing diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. An invisible illness which caused her excruciating pain, turned her breezy effortless walk into an old lady's shuffle and twisted her bright wit into a frightening fog that cost her the career she loved. She endured a laundry list of strong, addictive, and often useless drugs, suspicious looks and ignorant remarks, the medical care, good and bad. Hope and the loss of hope. 

          If my upbringing had a mantra, it was 'man up.'  But the philosophy that served me so well in the past, was falling short now. Many statistics show that the number one cause of death for a fibromyalgia sufferer is suicide. I had to get this right. She needed me. I needed…something. But it seemed men who are caregivers have no voice. This is a role most of us are ill prepared for. And even among close friends and family, the sense that  I was alone nearly brought me to the breaking point. My loyalty and commitment to my wife was tested to the limit. With literally millions of people, primarily women suffering from this fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, there are millions of men in my place. Suffering with their partners, but without support. So here is my self-created therapy. My voice. The voice of unheard millions.

Fibroandchronicpainhelp Support

Tip to manage your pain

Fibroandchronicpainhelp is always looking for ways to help those dealing with Chronic Pain. There are many effects chronic pain can have on the physical, mental and emotional state of those dealing with it. Often, one feels alone while managing their pain due to the fact that for the most part the damage is not visible. Do be assured however that YOU are not alone and we are here to lend support in your struggles. 

Managing the Pain Physically 

  • Stay Active- The saying is truth if you stop it is much harder to start again. So do not stop moving!!! Water Aerobics is a fun low impact way to stay active and not over exert yourself. 

  • Eat for Wellness- I will be the first to admit that chocolate covered butter cake can be tempting; however the types of food you eat can have a direct effect to the number of flair ups (extreme pain episodes) you received. Low sugar and low carbohydrates can help improve your not only your overall health but frequency and intensity in flair ups.  

  • HEAT- Do not underestimate the power of a hot bath in Epsom Salt or a heating pad. 

  • Weather- Remember your grandmother used to say her bones hurt when the weather got bad... well she was right! High Barometric pressure and temperature change (usually from cold) have been linked directly to pain. Keep in mind that even though it appears that the main factor in weather-related pain is atmospheric pressure, your body temperature can play a role as well. So during the rainy months its best to wrap up.  

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